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Mayor Landrieu, What’s Your Plan?

Since Tulane hosted community meetings about the proposed stadium a couple of months ago, neighbors haven’t heard anything from Tulane or the Mayor about formalizing a community agreement around parking, security, traffic or usage. Yet, Tulane has started soil and pile testing in preparation for building the stadium. It is clear Tulane and the city will move forward with no input from anyone if we do not make our voices heard. Please consider sending a letter like the one below to the mayor, with a copy to the ever-changing City Council.
Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu
Suite 2E04
1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Dear Mayor Landrieu,
According to the Tulane Stadium website (tulanestadium.com), the University
has begun its “soil and pile” tests in order to move forward with construction of
the proposed stadium. Test pile driving will begin mid-November. According to
President Cowen at the September “lagniappe” forum, the agreement between the
City and the University is still being worked on and will be finished some time in the
foreseeable future. Pre-construction begins yet there has been no communication to
the surrounding neighborhoods by either party.
President Cowen stated your office would “reach out” to representatives from the
surrounding neighborhoods for input regarding an enforceable agreement between
the City and the University. Individuals from surrounding neighborhoods wrote
to your office as far back as mid-July asking about direct representation on this
agreement. It has been over three months, and no one has heard a word from you
or your representatives. Forums held by Tulane, the party directly impacting the
surrounding area, do not equate with neighborhood input. Especially given the fact
that Tulane has yet to alter its plan based on our specific concerns around lights, noise,
parking, traffic and usage.
When you promised to veto the Interim Zoning District should City Council pass that
legislation, you effectively eliminated any direct community input on this project.
It is, at best, unfair to all the surrounding neighborhoods who have relied on the promise of
outreach by your office and have been met with silence.
This 30,000 person arena is going to directly impact every single one of us. Can you
please outline what your office is going to do to help our voices be heard.

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